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In Dubai there are about 12.7,000 buildings under construction by the end of 2019

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

​The total number of buildings under construction in the Emirate of Dubai reached 12,725 buildings at the end of 2019, according to data published by the Dubai Statistics Center, issued by Dubai Municipality.

Private villas topped the list of buildings still in the construction phase, up from 5,351, accounting for 42% of the total number, according to data obtained by “Emirates Today”.

"Investment Villas" came in second place, registering 4341 buildings registering about 34% of the total number of buildings. Then there are 1652 "multi-storey buildings" registering about 13%.

According to some data, the number of "public facilities" was about 823 building, with a share of 6.5%. Followed by "industrial buildings" that constituted about 558 buildings with ratio of 4.4%.

The data indicated that approximately 1,700 new building permits were issued during 2019.

The majority of those permits were acquired by "private villas", while the number of permits concerning extension and modifications works have reached about 22 thousand and 376 permits.

As reported by Dubai Statistics Center, the data includes buildings that are under the supervision of the Dubai Municipality, and statistics for buildings that are still "under construction" till the end of December 2019. These data also indicate that the number of finished buildings in Emirate of Dubai during the year 2019  have reached about 6665 buildings, compared to a number of 6043 buildings in 2018, with a growth rate of 10%, while the total value of the finished buildings in Dubai has reached about 36 billion and 114 million Dirhams, with a growth rate of 6 % Compared to the previous year.