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Human Resources Officials: It Promotes Employees' Positivity and Optimism

​Image: Mashaal Al Hammadi, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications

​Image: Mashaal Al Hammadi, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications


Dubai Retirement Decree is a Reference to Shape Employee's Future

A number of human resources officials of Dubai government institutions are of the opinion that the Decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, May God Protect him, in his capacity as the Ruler of Dubai to adopt a methodology to retire Dubai government employees is a clear and sound reference to government institutions to build upon and refer to its themes and clauses when deciding to retire their employees. Also, the employees themselves will be fully aware of the situation and will properly plane for their future pension.

As per the provisions of the Decree, it aims to achieve the principles of justice, equality and equal opportunities among all employees and to maintaining their acquired pension rights. They pointed out in their press statements to "Al Bayan" that the Decree takes into account the humanitarian and health conditions of certain employees who have not reached the widely observed retirement age, i.e. 60 years. Moreover, it shows high consideration of employees' personal side and achieves their stability and happiness.




Judge Jamal Al Sumaiti, Director General of Dubai Judicial Institute, said, "The Decree regulates the procedures to be adopted by the employee who wishes to retire through legal means that guarantee his rights". He added: "By adopting the retirement methodology of Dubai Government staff, the principles of justice, equality and equal opportunities among employees are realized. Additionally, the human resource management system adopted by Dubai Government for work teams will be enhanced, including training and qualifying the youth, providing a safe and stimulating work environment and guaranteeing their pension rights through sound legal means.

Judge Al Sumaiti underlined that the Decree reflects Dubai Government's unrelenting keenness to enhance employees' positivity and optimism and affording them a happy working environment that guarantees that these employees will fully get their rights through hassle-free methods, especially that the decree is keen to bring together the various relevant authorities to ensure sound organization and expeditious completion of procedures.




Mr. Marwan Beyat Al Falasi, Director of Human Resources Department at Dubai Municipality, said that the Decree is in harmony with the latest developments in the work environment and is consistent with the adopted strategies and plans.

Mr. Al Falasi further explained that the Decree renders the young employees in the utmost stable situations being so confident of the wise Leader's efforts to adopt laws and regulations that reflect his interest in Dubai Government staff, during their service and after their retirement. At the same time, the Decree consolidates a fundamental value in the love and appreciation of work which is man is capable of giving until the last moment of his life and that giving is not subject to age or limits. The Decree gives equal opportunities to employees in the event of retirement, in a country that is keen to provide a decent life and a standard of living worthy of the UAE people, who continue to work within the highest standards as a sign of confirmation that the giving of the government is to be met by distinct performance of its employees.

He added, "This methodology will contribute to the transfer of expertise to new employees and emerging generations in various fields, inject new bloods and qualify a new generation for supervisory and leadership positions. This will definitely contribute to providing them with new and important leadership and management skills at an early age and provide the public sectors with significant additional activity."

Mr. Al Falasi concluded, "The decree is a mechanism that allows those who want to retire early to apply before a certain period of time. At this time, the employee must train his subordinates who are candidates for promotion or to fill the positions of those who seek early retirement."




Mr. Farouk Al Muaini, Head of Human Resources Department at the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, pointed out that the Decree gives the opportunity to qualify and develop staffs. It also boosts the financial efficiency of government authorities through the optimal investment of human and financial resources as a result of restructuring these authorities or in cases of surplus in their resources.

He added that the decision has been made just on time, especially that a certain percentage of employees whose health conditions makes it difficult for them to complete their term of service required for retirement. The Decree stipulates that a committee will be formed to examine and review applicants' files and decide on those who deserve exceptions. He underscored that the law is a kind gesture of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may Allah bless him, towards Dubai Government employees.




Ms. Kawthar Kazim, Director of Human Resources and Development at Dubai Roads and Transfer Authority (RTA), indicated that the Decree reflects the keenness of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may Allah bless him, to provide transparency in accordance with national controls and standards that aim to achieve justice and equality among all Dubai Government employees.

She added, "The new methodology emphasizes that the decision to refer to retirement should be taken under circumstances entailing that. Similarly, it should be subject to "unbiased" but relevant authorities. This means that there is no room for taking a decision to retire any employee without logical reasons, especially if they enjoy the capability to give within their profession."

Ms. Kazim stressed that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may Allah bless him, has always sought to benefit from the national elements, preserve them, develop their skills and push them towards giving and innovation, especially that the advancement of UAE has been achieved with the arms of its sons and daughters of all ages.


A Step


In his turn, Mr. Mashaal Al Hammadi, Director of Human Resources and Corporate Communications at Dubai Statistics Center, said that the Decree is a key step to regulate the process of employees' retirement, ensuring justice realization, taking care and appreciating employees and preserving their rights after years of service and giving to our homeland and society which we will always show our utmost gratitude and appreciation.

He pointed out that the Decree is considered one of the most important steps to achieve the element of inclusiveness of the laws governing the public work in Dubai. Furthermore, it has positive repercussions both on the governance and standardizing mechanisms and standards of retirement, even at the level of enhancing of employees' job security, which undoubtedly has an impact their career happiness. Indeed, job security and stability are crucial elements of job happiness that lead to improving the institutional performance.

"The achievement of job security could be primarily attained through government laws that consider and balance between the institution's professional needs, on the one hand, and those of the employee, on the one hand. Such consideration entails several social consequences relevant to the employee and the future of their households in light of the financial impact of retirement on household income," Mr. Al Hammadi said. He added, "Such consequences boost the need for such a law, especially that it stipulates that retirement is not the end of the employee's giving, but, in most cases, is a beginning of a new era and a new sort of giving in the life of the employee, either in moving toward entrepreneurship, or in harnessing his expertise to push forward the pace of development and building the future through new channels."




Mr. Thani Bin Jarash, Executive Director of the Corporate Support Sector of the Community Development Authority, considered the Decree an important step in enhancing job satisfaction and happiness of society members, especially that it is based on the principles of justice, equality and equal opportunity among employees and seeks to sustain their pension rights.

Mr. Bin Jarash added that the Community Development Authority will raise the awareness of its employees and the segments of the society that the Authority deals with. The Authority will clarify the standards and controls set by the methodology in the manner that guarantees their understanding of the bases upon which retirement applications are examined, conditions to be fulfilled and provision of the required information and documents.

He said, "The retirement methodology of Dubai Government employees eliminates any ambiguity in the standards and ensures that all employees have equal access to their rights and duties. The most important standards set by the methodology are the financial impact of retirement and taking into consideration the existence of a health or humanitarian condition that calls for the employee's retirement. By this, the methodology considers the specific requirements of each employee and guarantees fair treatment for all".




Human resources officials emphasized that the Decree will contribute to the transfer of essential experiences to new employees and emerging generations in the various fields, injecting new blood and qualifying a new generation to assume supervisory and leadership positions. This definitely will contribute in giving them the opportunity to acquire new and valuable leadership and management skills at an early age and giving government sectors a significant additional activity.