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Happiness Cheques in Dubai

Image: Happiness Cheques in Dubai

​Image: Happiness Cheques in Dubai

It stands to reason that receiving any kind of cheques would provoke a state of happiness whatever its amount is. Drawing upon such a fact, Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) created out of ordinary cheques that cannot be cashed but offering "Happy Time" in place of money. 

Happiness and Positivity Bank at DSC granted heads of departments the authority to present a special leave to their subordinates for a period they determine or for a number of hours, so that they could arrive to their workplaces late and enjoy drinking a cup of coffee in a public place prior coming to office. Alternatively, they can spend extra time with their children or in any other way that makes them happy. These cheques are offered on one condition, i.e. to be issued in the name of those who are dedicated to their jobs even during their own private time and strive to double their efforts to achieve significant positive results.

Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of DSC and CEO of Happiness and Positivity, stated, "This initiative was launched several months ago, and it has drawn great positive feedback from DSC staff.  Currently, DSC staff are competing fairly to snatch one of the happiness cheques which gives the winner the privileges of enjoy extra happy time as a reward for their dedicated efforts." "This step comes as part of the efforts of DSC Management of making our staff happy, as well as their pronounced interest in DSC employees and their work environment by making it the happiest environment ever," said he.

He added, "We have already achieved the highest international levels of happiness, and the latest result was based on a survey conducted by the Dubai Government Excellence Program (DGEP) which revealed that the level of happiness at DSC hit the threshold of 97.2%. Additionally, DSC was awarded the Award of Best Working Environment granted by DGEXP for five years in a row."

Do not be surprised when you walk around the DSC premises and see people playing "Baby Foot" game or chess or even enjoy having free ice cream in a cheery atmosphere. Indeed, such scenes are normal within DSC work environment that allows employees to entertain themselves during their long hours of work and the level of accurateness of figures they are dealing with over the whole time.

Definitely, enjoying the time is not for free during working hours, but it can be turned into a cheerful award triggering happiness bestowed to those who know how to make use of their time and dedicate it to the interest of their work, as well as being selflessly creative and innovative in their own style.