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«Dubai Statistics Center»: 5% contribution of hotels and restaurants to the emirate's GDP.

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

Activity growth by 9% over the past year

During the past year, the number of visitors to Dubai has reached 14.9 million, with a growth rate of 5% from 2015, where hotel and restaurant activity contributed nearly 5% of the emirate's GDP. The initial economic indicators show that this activity has grown by 9% over the past year.

The report prepared by the Dubai Statistics Center based on data issued by the emirate's Tourism and Commercial Marketing Department shows that the increase in the number of tourists and visitors is a natural product of local policies that have supported the tourism sector in the emirate, through global hotel networks offering the best high-level hotel services.

The total number of hotels in the emirate was 475, with approximately 78,000 hotel rooms, with a growth rate of 7.5% compared to 2015, while the average hotel occupancy was 76%. The number of hotel apartment buildings was 206, with approximately 25,000 hotel apartments and an average of 82% occupancy rate.

In the Forefront

According to DSC, the past year was eventful at various regional and global levels, but this did not prevent the emirate from maintaining being on top of the countries that attract tourism in the Middle East and the region, due to the emirate's modern and diversified infrastructure that contributed to enhancing its ability to attract visitors from various parts of the world, as well as its security and safety at all times, which enhances both family and individual tourism and motivates business people to come to the emirate to invest in a safe and suitable environment.


The report indicated that the Republic of India had occupied the first place in terms of visitor numbers, accounting for 12% of the total visitors to the emirate, followed by Saudi Arabia, which accounted for 11% of the number of visitors, followed by the United Kingdom by 8%.

Economic indicators

On the other hand, hotel and restaurant activity contributed nearly 5% of the emirate's GDP. Preliminary economic indicators show that this activity grew by 9% over the last year. These indicators emphasize the role and importance of the tourism sector in driving economic growth in the emirate, where visitors directly affect hotel and restaurant services.

The increase in the number of visitors also affects many activities associated with tourism, such as transportation activity, which is closely linked to visitors as a result of increased demand for transport services, especially in the area of air transport, and also internal transport. The impact of tourism is reflected on retail activities, recreational services and arts.