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Manufacturing Sector Producer Price Index Upsurges by 3.78%

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo


Data of Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has unveiled that Manufacturing Sector Producer Price Index of Dubai recorded a significant rise by 3.78 per cent during 2017 compared to 2016 prices. DSC's analysts attributed the realized upsurge to increase in prices of refined petroleum products by 19.68 per cent that pushed the Industrial Sector Producer Price Index up by 3.23 per cent. Indeed, the rise in the prices of these products contributed by 85.63 per cent of the total change in the price general average of industrial producer. The output of this activity is an important and vital input for the majority of the economic activities in Dubai which in turn has a significant impact over the costs of other activities considering proportions of their inputs of petroleum products.

The prices of base metal products (basic metal products) hit a rise by 11.52 per cent contributing to a rise in the change total average by 1.32 per cent. Similarly, prices of leather products and related products recorded a rise by 6.41 per cent, other manufacturing industries by 5.04 per cent, other nonmetallic products by 2.11 per cent, motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers by 1.45 per cent, beverages by 0.54 per cent, paper and paper products by 0.53 per cent printing and reproduction of recorded media by 0.31 per cent and furniture by 0.04 per cent.

On the other hand, Certain industries recorded a decline in prices including machinery and equipment which dropped by 7.54 per cent, clothing by 6.94 per cent, chemicals and chemical products by 3.51per cent, rubber and plastic products by 1.51 per cent, tobacco products by 1.35per cent, metal products, excluding machinery and equipment by 0.95 per cent, wood and cork products excluding furniture by 0.64 per cent, food products by 0.58per cent, electrical equipment by 0.42 per cent, machinery and equipment not classified elsewhere by 0.34 per cent, computers and electronic products by 0.27 per cent and textiles by 0.10 per cent.

Noteworthy, prices of basic pharmaceuticals and their preparations remained stable throughout 2017.