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Dubai Statistics had noticeable participation in Dubai 10X

Image: DSC's 10X team

​Image: DSC's 10X team


His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may Allah protect him, has launched several strategic government initiatives as part of his vision to reach the world's top ranks in various fields, such as Government Excellence, E-Government, Smart Government, Institutional Innovation, Smart City Initiative, and Future Accelerators. In line with his vision of leading the world's top positions and moving forward to a new phase of entrepreneurship challenges, His Highness launched the Dubai 10X Initiative during the World Summit of Governments held in Dubai this year.

Since His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may Allah protect him, accepts only to be in the first place, he issued his directives for the need to implement today what cities of the world will implement and apply ten years ahead. Dubai 10X Initiative is based on three pillars, namely: Human, Enforceability, and Technology.

In this regard, Dubai Statistics Center "DSC" along with 36 government authorities participated in the initiative. DSC presented four projects aim at facilitating the collection, processing and delivery of data to decision and policy makers. DSC management has been keen to play a prominent role in the initiative through the participation of the Leadership Team personally in developing the initial vision of the proposed ideas which designed to be in line  with DSC's future vision and strategy. Moreover, the team was committed to participate in brainstorming workshops and external visits to get an idea on the best innovative practices implemented locally and globally with the aim to propose innovative and creative ideas featured to be the first of its kind in the world in the field of statistical work. The next step is to develop such ideas and assess them along the lines of the standards of Dubai 10X with the participation of DSC's elite experts, specialists, professionals and technicians.

DSC has already developed its future plans through the laboratory to explore the future of the statistical work and its aspirations until 2030. Through its participation in Dubai 10X Initiative, DSC has received the essential support to develop the laboratory outputs and turn them from mere futuristic ideas into actual projects within its current strategic plan. They are expected to achieve a qualitative leap in the field of statistical work, which in turn will place DSC as a leading center among other statistical centers around the world by 10 years ahead which is the essence of Dubai 10X Initiative and what it seeks to achieve.

A major team of 24 employees from different levels of management lines was formed to implement the initiatives and develop the plans to be executed in conjunction with the Initiative's action plan based on the methodology of innovative project management, in addition to the innovative root-cause solutions to challenges associated with these projects through conducting in-depth research and studies in the areas of specialty.

In promoting these innovative initiatives, DSC has coordinated with local and international partners and the world's leading companies in the various relevant technical fields to have an idea on the latest developments, technological solutions and inventions that will dramatically change the field of statistical work. During the few past months, DSC communicated with these international companies via videoconferences to conceptualize these initiatives and achieve the best applications for smart technology solutions in both statistical and non-statistical field of work.

Worth mentioning, the selected applications which have already been presented to the judges of Dubai 10X Initiatives will be transferred to the second phase of the project. Then, the best future initiatives that worth Dubai's regional and global rightful position will be selected to be presented during the World Summit of Governments to be held next year.