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Dubai Statistics Conducts Statistical Flight Sorties

Image: DSC's Team During Aerial Statistics
Image: DSC's Team During Aerial Statistics

As part an innovative initiative featuring a quantum leap of the “Aerial Statistics” Project, flight sorties have been conducted in the Al Lisaili Settlement taking advantage of the state-of-the-art technologies of aerial photography and artificial intelligence devised to serve the best interest of the statistical work, Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has announced.

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC, pointed out that the aerial survey will cover the Al Lisaili Settlement. “The survey would cover livestock, farms, and remote key statistical units difficult to get to in the desert areas.”

“This project is one of the innovative programs listed in the DSC strategic plan. The project is a genuine realization of the Dubai Government's direction to adopt innovative approaches while utilizing the modern technologies and artificial intelligence to give a boost to the efficiency of the government services and processes to the highest levels,” Al Muhairi stated.

Al Muhairi attended the launch of the aerial survey from the field accompanied by Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of DSC, Afaf Boasibeh, Director of Economic Statistics, and Mohammed Al Mulla, Director of Surveys and Statistical Frameworks. The experiment was conducted flawlessly and without any significant issues to report.

DSC is examining the idea of expanding the use of advanced technologies, including the use of drones to raise the efficiency of statistical processes and geographic statistical systems. Moreover, DSC is planning to expand the coverage of the project to include various sectors and areas while paying attention to the quality of statistical outputs and prioritize them, following ensuring that all standards of quality of inputs, processes, and statistical outputs are met.

Noteworthy, DSC signed a MoU with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) in 2018 to support the Aerial Statistics Project, to invest in the DCAA expertise in the field of drones, to provide advisory and organizational support for the project and to enhance the exchange of statistical data and to set up systems and use of technologies and to provide professional consultancy. Moreover, the MoU aims to further improve other numerous aspects including delivering training programs and programs designed to exchange knowledge, successful institutional experiences in innovation, happiness and various institutional areas that contribute to the development of work in pursuit of achieving integration in work systems and realizing the goals of the Dubai Plan 2021.