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Dubai Statistics Center and Dubai Foundation for Women and Children Sign MoU at GITEX 2017

​Image:  Ms. Afra Al Basti and  Mr. Tariq Al Janahi

On the sidelines of the GITEX Technology Week 2017, Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWC) on Wednesday 11th October. The MoU aims to promote partnership ties and reaching strategic levels to support the mission of both sides in conducting surveys and measuring the social phenomena. MoU was signed by Ms. Afra Al Basti, Director General of the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children and Mr. Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director and CEO of Happiness and Positivity in DSC.

The MoU will be adopted as the general framework of the partnership between both sides in providing statistical support, conducting surveys and measuring social phenomena under a joint and agreed upon framework. It comes in realization of both sides' efforts to enhance their role and achieve integration to contribute in fulfilling the vision of wise leadership and attaining the society's highest levels of happiness.

Ms. Afra Al Basti emphasized the importance of this partnership for DFWC and expressed her appreciation for DSC's invaluable efforts to support processes of planning, policy-making and decision-making in various sectors, particularly the social sector.

Ms. Afra pointed out: "The partnership with DSC comes within the framework of DFWC keenness to jointly work with DSC in accordance with scientific foundations and based on information, studies and statistical indicators to put DFWC policies, plans and strategies in the right track. Also, not to forget the essential support that will be provided by DSC in conducting surveys which will enable us to accurately identify the field social actualities through an unbiased official entity operating according to the latest scientific methodologies and internationally adopted statistical standards."

In his turn, Mr. Al Janahi hailed DFWC efforts highlighting its role in enhancing social and family cohesion and disseminating the positive culture on family relations. He emphasized that DFWC keenness to set up its plans and polices according to statistical information is a sign that the Foundation is moving on the right track.

He stressed that DSC will provide all statistical support and will channel all its capabilities to assist DFWC. He also pointed out that DFWC will in turn feed DSC systems with the statistical reports that fall under their jurisdiction through the Smart Statistics System. such which will be vital statistical information inputs to calculate various social indicators related to women and children.

Mr. Al Janahi explained that cooperation with DFWC will not only be limited to statistical issues, surveys and measurement of social phenomena, but both sides will also work together in supporting the events and activities organized by DSC, besides holding awareness lectures as a sign of their responsibilities towards the society. He underscored the fact that DSC will significantly benefit from DFWC expertise in the family sector which will guarantee that DSC operates in line with the internationally and locally adopted concepts and foundations, as well as keeping abreast of the latest terminologies, concepts and methodologies associated with this sector. This will result in producing statistical reports incorporating all up-to-date information in terms of technical and descriptive aspects.