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Dubai Sees New 5069 Units by End of Q3 2018

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

According to the statistical report released by The Dubai Statistics Center "DSC", Dubai observed the completion of 5069 during the past 9 months covering the period starting on 1st Jan 2018 until 30th September 2018 (with an average of 563 unit/ per month and 18.5 unit/ per day).

DSC's statistical report revealed that Investment Villas topped the list of completed units by 55.8% of the total units. Meanwhile, Private Villas placed second by 30.2% followed by Multi-Storey Buildings with a rate of 4.8%, Emirate Today reported.

In details, the report showed that the total completed units in Dubai during the past 9 months stood at 5069 as follows: January 604, February 580, March 819, April 812, May 607, June 627, July 598, August 174 and September 248 units. The total number of completed units by the end Q1-18 was 2003 compared to 2046 by Q2- 18 and 1020 units by Q3-18.


Type of Units

The statistical data revealed that Investment Villas placed first with a total number of 2830 followed by the Private Villas stood at 244 villas and 244 Multi-Storey Buildings. Meanwhile, the completed industrial buildings were 157, Public Buildings were 155, while Multi-Storey Ratio Buildings were 151.

In terms of percentages, the DSC's data featured that Investment Villas comes first with a rate of 55.8%, Private Villas stood at 30.2%, Multi-Storey Buildings, Industrial Buildings 3.1%, Public Buildings 3.1%, while Multi-Storey Ratio Buildings 3%. Noteworthy, the Investment and Private Villas has the largest share of the total number of completed units by 86%. 

In terms of the value of the new completed units, the total value of the completed units by the end of H1- 18 was 18 billion and 856 million dirhams. In the meantime, the total number of completed units in 2017 was 7271 with a total value of 28 billion and 300 million dirhams.