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Dubai Sees 4243 New Units in 7 Months

Image: Completed buildings in Dubai

​Image: Completed buildings in Dubai

Dubai observed the completion of new 4243 units during the first seven months of 2019 with an average of completion of 606 unit per month and 20 unit per day, the Dubai Statistics Center “DSC” reported based on the data issued by the Dubai Municipality.

The “Emirates Today Newspaper” pointed out that March marked the highest rate of completed units by 990 buildings followed by July which witnessed the completion of 736 buildings. The report shows that the Investment Villas topped the list of completed units by 85.5% f the total completed units during the said period with a total of 3627 units. 

According to the report, the total number of completed units per month is as follows: January 389, February 508, March 990, April 638 and May 588, June 394, and July 736 units.

The statistical data revealed that the new units included: Investment Villas placed first with a total number of 1123 followed by the Private Villas stood at 198 villas, and 189 Multi-Storey Ratio Buildings. Meanwhile, the completed Public Buildings were 135, and the Industrial Buildings were 94 ones.

In terms of percentages, the DSC’s report featured that Investment Villas comes first during the period of January-July 2019 with a rate of completion of 59 %, Private Villas stood at 26.5%, Multi-Storey Ratio Buildings 4.7%, Multi-Storey Buildings 4.5%, Public Buildings 3.2% and Industrial Buildings 2.2%.

According to the figures of the report, the Investment and Private Villas has the largest share of the total number of completed units in Dubai by 85.5% with a total number of 3627 of villas during the January- July 2019.

In terms of the value of the newly completed units, the data of the past year showed the total cost of the completed units in Dubai which were 6043 new units was 34 billion and 52 million dirhams. The figures show a growth rate of 20.33% compared to the statistics for 2017.