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Dubai Population Are 3.3 Million by Q3-19

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

The Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has recently announced that the population of the Emirate of Dubai reached 3,331,420 inhabitants at the end of the third quarter of 2019, compared to 3,136,400 inhabitants by the end of the third quarter of 2018 with an annual increase of 177,020 people to stand at a growth rate of 5.64%.

The Emirates Today stated that data released by DSC revealed that the number of individuals in the emirate rises significantly during the typical peak hours to reach 4,459,420 persons.

The newspaper pointed out that Dubai receives in addition to the population of permanent residence, about 1,146,000 people are temporarily located in the emirate, for work or tourism in most cases.

The DSC officials stated: “The importance of calculating the movement of individuals in the normal peak hours, as well as the population of the emirate, help to determine the essential required infrastructure and security services… etc.”

"According to the latest data, these numbers accounted for about 34.59 percent of the population of the emirate," DSC officials pointed out.

Grounds for such a significant rise in Dubai's population include that Dubai is a global city attracting investors, experts, and various categories of labor, which reflects positively on the average population growth.

Noteworthy, the Dubai population has risen gradually in 137 years, doubling by 261 times after breaking the 3 million mark this year.