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Dubai Population are 3 Million

Image: Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC

Image: Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC

The latest statistics issued by the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) have unveiled that the number of individuals habitually domiciled and resident in Dubai are counted for 2,976,455 by the end of 2017 as per the conclusions of the population census conducted recently by DSC.

Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC, stated that the population term is defined as all individuals who reside within the geographical boundaries of the Emirate of Dubai at a given time. He pointed out that DSC adopts a special indicator that shows the average number of individuals present in Dubai during the normal daily working hours starting from 6:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. and those who arrive in Dubai for whatever purpose. "This involves habitual residents of Dubai and individuals working in Dubai's various sectors, individuals residing in other emirates, guests at hotels and hotel apartments, visitors and sailors visiting the emirate," Al Muhairi said.

Al Muhairi underlined the fact that the number of people present during the peak hours at "daytime" is estimated at 4, 163, 020 by the end of 2017. "This number includes the Dubai's habitual residents estimated at 2,976,455 million, in addition to nearly 1,186,565 persons present temporarily in Dubai during peak hours in the same period," he said.