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Dubai’s Labor Force Survey 2018 Encompasses 3000 Households

Image: Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC)

Image: Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC)

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), has revealed that the Dubai's Labor Force Survey 2018 encompasses 3000 households split into two equal samples, i.e. 1500 Emirati families and the other 1500 are non-Emirati families. "DSC has already kicked off the field works of the survey which is one of the most important annual household surveys. It is scheduled to be carried out as part of Dubai's statistical plan and in large it will part of a national project covering all regions of UAE in coordination with the local statistical centers in each emirate," Al Muhairi stated.

He added: "This survey is important for it provides the basic information on the labor force size and their social, economic and demographic characteristics in the manner that enables the decisions makers to set plans for developing human resources, identify the size of the available labor within a certain period of time and their relevance to the requirements and needs of the labor market."


"The significance of this survey lies in that it will provide detailed data on the various characteristics of Dubai's population and human resources in general, in addition to economically active residents and their characteristics in particular," Al Muhairi stated. He also underlined that such data will facilitate developing policies, plans and programs dedicated for labor market and the Emirati and non-Emirati labor force in the Emirate of Dubai.   

Mohammed Al Mulla, Director of the Statistical Surveys & Frames Department, stated: "Our team tasked to conduct Labor Force Survey will go on in their field works until mid-December 2018 and timings specified for visits are 04:00 p.m. until 09:00 p.m."

Al Mulla further explained that the DSC's field researchers hold a valid ID issued by DSC showing all their personal information and wear the official uniform in red and grey colors vest. He stressed: "It is important to verify the identity of the researcher prior giving any piece of information to any person. Any individual who does not hold his/her ID or not wearing the uniform does not represent the DSC and the case should be reported immediately; unless otherwise they presented what proves that they are qualified to collect the respondent's personal information."


Noteworthy, the Dubai's Labor Force Survey 2018 aims at identifying the various demographic, social and economic characteristics of population and manpower, including rates of participation in the economic activity, the occupational structure and economic activity of employed individuals, as well as their job status.

Moreover, the survey aims to measure the unemployment rates according to the various characteristics, to provide data on the unemployed and employed based on their specialties and academic qualifications, to identify the methods and ways adopted by the unemployed to get an opportunity to work or getting a job and to identify changes in key indicators and characteristics over the past years.