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Dubai Health Survey Starts Today

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo


In collaboration with the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched the Dubai Health Survey. The survey aims to identify the health realty in Dubai, in addition to the changes and new trends it has witnessed since 2014 as part of the Dubai's strategy, trends and goals designed to provide an ideal global health role model.


The 40-day project targets 3000 Emirati and non-Emirati families and the labor communities in Dubai. It is meant to identify the quality level of health services, the health status of the residents of Dubai and the prevalence of chronic diseases and obesity among children, adults and the elderly. Additionally, it aims to identify certain indicators that measure the level of awareness of mental illnesses, life patterns indicators, immunization coverage and health spending to help make decisions and develop the proper strategies that directly contribute to health security and promote comprehensive development in Dubai.


H.E. Humaid Al Qatami, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, said: "DHA considers the Health Survey as one of the most important strategic initiatives which we rely on to set up and draft development programs and plans, read the future and assess the growing society needs of medical services, thereby enhancing the quality of life."


He added: "The modern global trends and successful health institutions adopt field surveys that reflect the population's health status to take their decisions and develop their strategies accordingly."


H.E. Al Qatami hailed conducting such field surveys by underlining that DHA adopts them as a scientific method and basis for supporting health security. "Field surveys constitute the main part of DHA policies and principles through which DHA stresses that the society and its members are the focus of development and its goal to achieve a healthier and happier society."



H.E. Al Qatami praised the significant role that the DSC plays in conducting the field survey as the key and important partner of the DHA Authority. "DSC plays a key role in identifying population trends, life patterns, living styles and health conditions, in addition to other joint initiatives carried out by DHA through the fruitful collaboration with DSC."


H.E. Al Qatami called on the participants of all health survey to cooperate with the survey specialists and to understand their role and the importance of collecting data and information. He stressed that the accurate information is the basis for adopting development projects aimed at providing the best health care for all.


The DHA in cooperation with DSC will use smart statistical forms while conducting the said health survey to develop various technical and administrative processes to be in line with the Smart Dubai 2021 strategy.


The health survey will be carried out using smart equipment and software developed inhouse by the DSC staff to data will flow directly from the field once it is completed and linked to the statistical databases. Data will be followed-up and audited, as well as following up the work of the project continuously in various geographic regions through the survey technical office.


Noteworthy, the health survey will include field medical tests of blood pressure, height and weight and taking blood samples to measure the level of diabetes through a professional and qualified DHA nursing staff.



Worthening, the data of individuals, families and all those covered by this survey are classified by virtue of the UAE and Dubai laws of statistics. DSC takes strict measures to maintain and protect such information. The use of such information is limited to statistical purposes and all outputs will be published in the form of general statistical reports and indicators and do not include any individual data.


The DHA, in cooperation with DSC, has completed all the technical preparations related to the health survey through qualifying and training more than 120 physicians, researchers, field supervisors, auditors and nurses.



The DHA and DSC called on all Emirati and resident families in Dubai to fully cooperate with the field researchers and facilitate their mission through providing them with the most accurate data required for the strategic importance that this survey has whose impact will be of great advantage for all future generations.