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Dubai Government Job Excellence Program Reviews the Superiority Makers Projects

​Image : DEPG team whith "We learn " team during reviewing the project

​Image : DEPG team whith "We learn " team during reviewing the project

As Part of "Dubai We Learn" Initiative

"Dubai Government Job Excellence Program" Reviews the Superiority Makers' Projects

The distinct Dubai Government Job Excellence Program, affiliated with the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of Dubai announced the first meeting to review the work progress of 13 innovative projects as per Superiority Makers Program, which is a part of "Dubai We Learn" initiative.


The selected projects were chosen among 23 projects nominated by governmental entities, which all aim at benefitting from knowledge transmission and sharing, corporate learning in developing and improving governmental services and performance, in addition to nominating a 3-6 member team for each project. The projects were selected according to certain criteria, among which the degree of impact and positive results expected from each project, the possibility to implement it and how efficient the resources needed for its implementation are utilized. The 13 selected projects were divided into two groups, so as to facilitate training the work team of each project and follow up the progress in implementing the projects. The work teams of each group have also been trained on the corporate learning tool and knowledge sharing through a workshop, so as to follow up the work progress and supervise the work teams through field visits by the program experts to the participating parties.


Abdullah Al Shaibani, the General Secretary of the Executive Council of Dubai stated that the selection of projects and the suggested initiatives from governmental organizations of the emirate of Dubai came as part of the Superiority Makers Initiative, to allow the participants the chance to work in reality, in order for their projects to fulfill their goals in a more efficient, innovative way, taking the inspiration from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai, May God protect him, aiming at utilizing all available tools and means in order to develop governmental work and enhance teamwork spirit, in addition to deepening the culture of corporate learning, as well as transmitting and sharing knowledge among governmental entities in the governmental sector of Dubai.

People's Happiness

Dr. Ahmed Nusairat, general coordinator of Dubai Government Job Excellence Program stated, "Superiority Makers Program comes in response to the directions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aiming at directing the government to improve its performance and enhance its services, so as to make people happy".

Dr. Nusairat expressed his satisfaction with the popularity "Dubai We Learn" program gained from governmental entities, as it was expected that 8 governmental entities will take part in the first year, but the number jumped to 13, which shows that the initiative was successful in giving an added value through its three routes: training, Superiority Makers Program and taking part in the Best Practices rule.


The first group includes 6 projects submitted by 6 governmental entities, which are Dubai Courts, Dubai Public Prosecution, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality and Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment.

Among the projects, the Smart Services Integration project submitted by Dubai Courts, which aims at applying the best practices in the field of smart application integration in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness for the governmental entity. Dubai Municipality also participated with an initiative for developing purchase channels as well as their procedures and technical studies.

Dubai Public Prosecution participated with Judicial Knowledge Management Project, while Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment participated with a project for developing the supplied services through smart applications or service centers, to enhance customer experience.

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services took part with Citizen Paramedic Leadership Development and Rehabilitation Project (Advanced Paramedic).

Dubai Police participated with the Smart officer Project, which aims at transforming internal police processes into smart operations through connecting all available databases and providing a safe and smart electronic environment for policemen.

The Second Group

The second group of governmental entities include Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Statistics Center, the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Land Department and Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Dubai participated with a project for enhancing strategic thinking process through the thinking design tool.

Also, Knowledge and Human Development Authority participated with a project for making employees happy, which aims at getting to know the best corporate practices concerning Human resources satisfaction.

While Dubai Statistics Center participated with a project for activating the Creativity and Innovation Unit (For Statistics We Innovate) aiming at deploying corporate culture amongst employees.

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority participated with Sun Dubai project, aiming at getting to know the best practices for encouraging residency and company owners to produce their needs of energy using solar panels.

Roads and Transport Authority asserted that Ask the Expert initiative, that it recently launched within Superiority Makers program in Dubai We Learn initiative, shows the Authority's keenness to cope with the exposed data law.

Dubai Land Department participated with the Center for Sustainable Cities initiative aiming at reviewing the best global practices in the field of sustainable development.

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority participated with a project for developing citizen human resources in the area of museums.


The goal of the initiative is to develop governmental performance and enhance corporate learning culture, as well as transmitting and sharing knowledge in the governmental sector in cooperation with international experts in this field. The average participant satisfaction with all the events of "Dubai We Learn" initiative amounted to 98%, which was based on a neutral survey that was made through an electronic link dedicated to it.