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98% satisfaction rate for Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition guests

Shaibani and Al Muhairi and sterols and Nuseirat in Dubai exhibition of the achievements in 2015
Shaibani and Al Muhairi and sterols and Nuseirat in Dubai exhibition of the achievements in 2015


The satisfaction rate of the guests of Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition in its 3rd round reached 98% during the first two days, according to a survey carried out by a team of 10 members from the Dubai Government Excellence Program in collaboration with DSC. In such survey, the guests and participants views were taken using iPad devices, and their comments were available to be displayed on a large screen inside the exhibition.  

Speaking to "Al Bayan" newspaper, Abdullah Al Shaibani, Secretary-General of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai's  commented on such figure saying that it was natural due to the outstanding services provided by Dubai government departments in general, and the departments participating in the exhibition the number of which reached 32 governmental entities in particular, pointing out that this percentage translates the guidelines of H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, into leadership, ranking the first and delighting the beneficiaries through providing distinguished and affordable services to all citizens from several channels to provide an opportunity for them to get the service anytime from anywhere.



Al Shaibani added that organization of this edition of the exhibition came under the slogan of «national government with global standard achievements». The exhibition agenda focuses on innovation as a key element of the government work, pursuant to the directives of the Government of Dubai, in line with the vision of the UAE and the 2021 plan of Dubai for excellence and competitiveness at the international level, especially since the exhibition is an interactive platform reflecting the achievements of Dubai government and integration with each other to promote the vision of providing the best quality services to beneficiaries including both institutions and individuals alike. This will contribute to the benefit of the participating entities and focusing on achievements of the departments and their experiences in government excellence.

Al Shaibani said that Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition 2015 opened more room for participation in addition to organizing tours for international delegations from Annual Investment Meeting 2015, which coincides with the exhibition, to the exhibitors and sponsors platforms.

For his part, Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Centre said: «DSC has invented a special way to measure the satisfaction of the exhibition visitors regarding what they have encountered of the participation, and taaking a distinctive photos for visitors including both officials and employees without exception, and displaying the same on large screens inside the exhibition halls accompanied by words expressing their happiness and satisfaction, especially since H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, recommended that all agencies and institutions should adopt «satisfaction» as their primary objective for dealing with each beneficiary or reviewer anytime from anywhere. »



Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy CEO of Dubai Statistics Center said that the idea came through the DSC adoption of innovation that comes as the slogan this year, based on the society interest towards social media, and photography as well as the rapid exchange of information. This step is similar to the modern media style totally different from the traditional media.

Al Janahi added: «in DSC, we take photos of visitors and officials wishing to express their satisfaction on what they have encountered in the exhibition, the services provided to them, as well as their opinions about the presented innovations and projects. Such photos and testimonials are immediately displayed on large screens inside the exhibition with comments or notes attributed to the visitors or officials reflecting their happiness and satisfaction. Moreover, results of the actual rate of satisfaction are immediately displayed in full transparency on the same screens depending on the statistical approach and adopting the latest global standards.


Smart applications and services for all segments of the society

DSC participated in the exhibition with a number of innovative ways not only offering services, or reviewing statistical approaches and smart services, but also go beyond to delivering accurate information about the statistical mechanism of action, either on-field or other types, to allow the public be closely aware of how difficult this work is, and its benefit at the same time for all parties, decision-makers, researchers, professors, and students among others. DSC has launched its official updated website in conjunction with the exhibition. The new launched website comprises the best international standards in such field according to the approved standards of Dubai Smart Government in order to become more easier and flexible for all users, whether public or specialized audience. The website automatically provides the real time updated key indicators of the emirate.

Speaking to "Al Bayan" newspaper, Al Muhairi said: "we have facilitated for all users whatsoever the access to services whether for the government, business, or individual sectors in such manner to be able to access all services, institutions and agencies in the emirate, then choose from among the same which service wanted in detail and adapting it into a report or diagram, or whatsoever form required; for example, if the user wanted to search for schools education, he can determine the year, and selects the schools he wanted to search whether governmental or private, and the educational stage desired, among all other data to ultimately get in final report immediately ".



He stressed that the present team existing in the exhibition provides clear explanations to the public about mechanisms of data collection, both through statistical linkage with data sources of agencies and institutions pointing out that the total sources of the information linked to the DSC database is nearly 1,500 sources of data, in addition to illustrating the mechanism of opinion surveys, one of DSC initiatives for implementation of Dubai Government's complete exploratory studies for both measuring institutional satisfaction, current trends, or public opinion over various issues to serve the government trends to modify its services for customers satisfaction.

He added: "DSC has launched a campaign under the slogan of "Census is the heart of development" announced at the exhibition, which is an ongoing campaign during which all the technical processes adopted by DSC will be presented in full transparency, with an explanation on the mechanism of flow of information and how it collect and reproduce it to the user, in order to inform everyone that the figures provided by DSC are true and genuine based on global standards and principles and that such figures are unmistakable, well interpreted, and reliable without any doubt.

He also stressed that any information collected or gathered is to be immediately transmitted electronically to the main center for the specialists review and then be instantly added to the information and figures database, in the sense that once a child is born, figures automatically transferred from Dubai Health Authority to DSC, and such figures are continuously updated around the clock, and this is the case for all sectors. In its platform, DSC reviewed its most important initiatives, smart systems and applications and how to enhance utilization of the same by various segments of the society interested in statistical work.