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“Dubai Statistics”: Dubai Annual CPI Drops by 3.63% in March 2019

​Image: DSC logo

According to a report issued by Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), it was revealed that the Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) Rate hit a drop level by 3.63% in March 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. CPI decreases due to a decline in prices of Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas by 6.17% leading inflation to go down by 2.68 per cent, Transportation group by 5.55% pushing inflation down by 0.59 per cent, Clothing and Footwear by 10.41% leading inflation rate to decline by 0.22 per cent, Miscellaneous Goods and Services group by 3.26% decreasing inflation rate by 0.20 per cent, Food and Beverages 0.32% to lessen inflation rate by 0.04 per cent, Recreation and Culture group by 1.64% pushing the inflation rate down by 0.03 per cent, Communications by 0.40% leading inflation rate to drop by 0.02 point and Heath group by 0.21%.


In the meantime, CPI of Restaurants and Hotels group went up by 2.34% leading the inflation rate to rise by 0.10 per cent, Household Equipment and Routine Household Maintenance group went up by 0.91% pushing the inflation rate up by 0.03 per cent, Tobacco increased by 2.81% adding to the inflation rate 0.02 per cent and Education rose by 0.03%.


CPI Shrinks by 0.05% in March 2019


As for the CPI of March 2019 compared to February 2019, it witnessed a decrease by 0.05%. Grounds for such a decline are attributed to a drop in Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and other Fuel by 0.50% leading inflation rate to decrease by 0.21 per cent, Restaurants and Hotels declined by 0.12% pushing inflation down by 0.01 per cent, Maintenance group by 0.05% to push inflation rate down by 0.02 per cent, Communications by 0.02% and Household Equipment and Routine Household went down by 0.01%.


Meanwhile, prices of certain groups witnessed an increase, including: Transportation by 1.11% that pushed inflation rate up by 0.11 per cent, Food and Beverages by 0.36% leading inflation rate to increase by 0.05 per cent and Recreation and Culture group by 0.25%.


On the other hand, groups of Tobacco, Clothing and Footwear, Health and Education maintained their former levels during the period of comparison.