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Launching Dubai Determined Ones Statistics System

Image : Arif Al Muhairi

Image : Arif Al Muhairi


Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has recently launched Dubai Determined Ones Statistics System as part of a joint project with the Ministry of Community Development. This new system will be the new arm of the Dubai Smart Statistics System which includes databases and statistical indicators of the various demographic, economic and social sectors in Dubai.

The new system aims to support the processes of planning, decision-making and policy-making associated with the Determined Ones, particularly in light of the Dubai Government's increasing and evident attentiveness and the strategic priority exhibited by the Government to this peculiar segment. All of these efforts aim to integrate and enable them along with their family members to enjoy high quality life and to be actively engaged in the development processes and building the future.

The statistics system of the Determined Ones of Dubai revealed that physical disability is placed at the top of all disability cases with a total of889 individuals, i.e. 34% of the total cases of disability.

Mental disability cases are placed second in the Emirate of Dubai with a total 774 individuals representing 29% of the total cases of disability. Multiple disability cases came third with a total of 327 case representing nearly 12% of the total disability cases. Autism followed by 310 cases with a percentage of nearly 11.7%. Similarly, hearing disability cases were 280 ones representing 10.6%.     Visual disability came last with 60 cases signifying 2.2% of the total disability cases registered in Dubai.

Arif Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of Dubai Statistics Center, asserted to "Al Bayan Newspaper", "The Determined Ones Statistics System reflects a detailed statistical image of the Determined Ones, their demographic characteristics, types of disability and the percentage of who has a job…etc." He expressed his sincerest thanks to the Ministry of Community Development for their distinctive partnership and all the support they offered to create this system.



Sanaa Mohammed Suhail, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Community Development, emphasized that cooperation with DSC is part of the institutional partnerships framework with various federal and local government authorities to develop a comprehensive database of the Determined Ones in all regions of UAE. This is done in order to facilitate implementing the empowerment policy of the Determined Ones announced by H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Indeed, this information database will enable all authorities and stakeholders to implement the declared initiatives according to the number of the Determined Ones in UAE, their geographical distribution and other social and educational variables.


Way Ahead

Sanaa went on to say, "The Ministry of Community Development is determined to complete the database to include the Determined Ones in the State through registration in the Determined Ones Card issued by the ministry and go on with the field surveys of early detection of disability and delayed growth in children. Absolutely, this will assist in the strategic planning processes developed by UAE, besides launching any initiatives or providing services targeting this segment."


Age Groups
Referring back to the results of the system, the age group of 5-9 years accounted for the largest percentage of disability cases by 15.3% with a total of 404 individuals. The age group 10-14 years is placed second with a total of 354 individuals followed by the age group 15-19 years with a total of 325 individuals, then 20-24 years with a total of 259 individuals. The total number of the age group 25-29 years is 216 individuals, while the total individuals of the age group 30-34 years is 260, followed by the age group of35-39 with a total of 222 individuals. The total individuals of the age group 40-44 is 149, then 124 individuals of the age group 45-49, and finally over 50 years with a total of 205 individuals.


Current Percentage

At large, the percentage of those registered with the Ministry of Community Development who are at the school age and regardless of their disability is more than half. Such a result can be attributed to the efforts of the competent authorities in the UAE to enhance the role of the Determined Ones in the society, showing more attention and prioritizing their education and providing the infrastructure, the appropriate conditions the necessary teaching and educational capabilities and expertise,


Within its polices and efforts to integrate the Determined Ones in various aspects of life and promote their contribution in serving the society, the UAE strives hard to empower and integrate the Determined Ones economically.