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DSC & TRA Launch Dubai Household ICT Survey

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) in collaboration with the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA)has initiated the field activities of the second circle of the Dubai Household ICT Survey (DHICTS) scheduled to be conducted as part of the Dubai Statistical Plan. The DHICTS aims to identify the extent to which families and individuals use ICT services in UAE in general and Dubai in particular to have a better understanding of the use and demand of households and individuals for such services. Indeed, the survey is meant also to complement the findings of the Dubai Business Sector ICT Survey.


This survey is one of the most notable initiatives and strategic projects related to ICT statistics in Dubai. Based on the data to be collected, DSC will identify the levels of households’ satisfaction in Dubai in terms of the quality and cost of ICT services, identify difficulties facing households in using ICT services (landline, mobile and internet) to further monitor and identify them and to develop proper solutions and DSC will identify the levels of spending on each type of service.


The data to be collected through specialist researchers are of high importance for they their role they are playing in the processes of decision-making, institutional policy formulation and the developing strategic visions and plans that are channeled to improve the quality of services provided to households and individuals. DSC is conducting this survey by adopting the methodology of interviewing targeted household members and surveyors across Dubai's districts. The sample will cover 1,300 Emirati and non-Emirati households.


Noteworthy, the DSC’s field teams are currently visiting the targeted households in the evening effective 5:00 p.m. and continues until 9:00 p.m. until the end of April 2019. DSC’s also implements the best geospatial techniques to monitor the activities of the field teams. Additionally, DSC uses the state-of-the-art modern software to process the collected data directly to the central databases and ensure the flow of data to these servers in preparation for auditing them on the spot without any delay.


To ease the field teams’ mission, DSC urges all targeted households to fully cooperate with the field researcher and facilitate their mission by providing them with the required data comprehensively and accurately. DSC stressed that data confidentiality is protected by law and that DSC takes all necessary measures to ensure that and they are well preserved to be used for sole statistical purposes and to achieve the survey goals.