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Dubai Statistics Center Launches the Smart Learning Initiative to Target

Image: Launches the Smart Learning Initiative to Target

​Image: Launches the Smart Learning Initiative to Target

Dubai Statistics Center land the Dubai Outstanding Government Performance Program launched the Dubai Smart Learning Initiative at the Dubai Statistics Center with the purpose of effectively investing in this pioneering imitative to encourage cooperate talents and promote the culture of corporate excellence a among the center's employees. This announcement was made during the meeting organized by the Dubai Statistics Center at Dubai Academic City. The meeting was attended by Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Statistics Center Aref Al Mehiri, Vice Chief Executive Officer Tarek Al Janahi, General Coordinator for the Dubai Outstanding Government Performance Program Dr. Ahmed AL Nusairat and Senior Manger of the Excellence Initiatives Hazaa Al Neami and a plethora of employees and officials from the Dubai Statistics Center.

Aref Al Mehairi said the launch of the smart training imitative targeting the center's staff comes in realization of the training plan for the year 2015 which aims to help 90% of the center's personnel pass the smart training program's requirements and earn the certificate. Mehairi pointed hailed pioneering nature of the initiative and stated that the Dubai Statistics Center has always been keen to invest in corporate partnerships and benefit form constructive efforts of partners. He added that and essential feature of the training plan for the center for each year is the programs supporting the culture of corporate excellence and which and the promotion of his culture in the work environment and with all personnel categories. "But this year, the objective is very ambitious as a result of this flexible which makes the training programs available to personnel around the clock so that employees can complete the training requirements at the time of their choosing and without being absent during official business hours. This enables us to target such a high percentage of employees," he said.

"The smart training initiative is an express translation of the vision of H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum from the three main aspects, namely: smart transformation, corporate excellence and innovation."

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Nusairat stressed that Dubai Statistics Center is among the first institutions to achieve effective investment in the Dubai smart training initiative, adding that the initiative is among the knowledge initiatives of the Dubai Government Performance Excellence Program which aims to continue promoting the culture of corporate innovation and excellence in government entities in particular and among all society groups in general. Nusairat noted that the initiative achieved resounding success when it was first launched at the Dubai Forum for Best Government Practices in 2014 under the auspices of H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum the Vice President, Prime Minister and the Ruler of Dubai given the increasing number of beneficiaries and participants. "This encourages us to continue with the plan and to pursue the objectives and which include qualitative and comprehensive training programs so that the Dubai Smart Training Initiative will act as the First Knowledge platform, particularly in the field of training in and corporate excellence and innovation."

Hazaa Al Naimi gave a detailed presentation on the initiative and the smart technologies on which it is based. Naimi spoke of the available training axes and the Dubai Government Performance Excellence Program to developed this knowledge base to become the first and most important smart platform especially in the field of corporate excellence. Naimi trained employees on all the phases of using the application designed for the initiative and progressed to the testing and accreditation phase, which are also executed using smart technologies. The attendees positively interacted with the initiative and instantaneously downloaded the application in their first step in the journey of smart training.