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DSC Participation to Showcase the New Smart Services and Future Outlook

Image : Aref Al Muhairi, DSC CEO
Image : Aref Al Muhairi, DSC CEO   

Organizing "Creativity Lab" on the margin of the exhibition within the framework of preparing 2021 Statistical Plan

Dubai Statistics Center: A Participation to Showcase the New Smart Services and Future Outlook

Al Muhairi: We exhibit and discuss our "Future" initiatives, services and processes.

AL Muhairi: An opportunity for the participation of experts and the different stakeholders in our future plans and orientations.

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) participates for the 8th year in a row in the Annual Information Technology Exhibition "Gitex" as part of Dubai Smart Government platform, which represents a significant participation for the government of Dubai in the exhibition. The smart services offered by DSC are distinguished by their creativity that received commendations and international awards, due to the impact they have on the quality of statistics, hence planning and decision-making.

"During our participation this year like the previous years, we exhibit our new services and simultaneously exhibit real life models of our future planned smart services, as Gitex is considered a real opportunity to showcase these services to all classes of society, technical experts and the different sorts of users of statistical information. This enables us to find out their suggestions and comments, which definitely will help us in creating our new services in the best way possible, as well as cover all needs, even exceeding them in a way that ensures the satisfaction of customers, which will reflect on the satisfaction of the whole community as a whole. This can be achieved through the role that statistics play and its effect on plans, decisions, initiatives and development projects that contribute to establishing a happy future and realizing our vision to become an international statistics center that support development in the emirate of Dubai", commented Mr. Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC. "in Gitex 2015, we also capitalize on developing our strategic plan 2021, where we will organize a creativity and brainstorming lab with different segments of experts, users of statistical services and public and private sector employees, during which we will come up with creative ideas that will help in realizing a quantum leap in statistical work through innovative processes, services and initiatives", he added. Al Muhairi pointed out that these steps come as part of their policy and methodology of strategic planning and process and service design, in a way that covers the needs of all stakeholders, while having creative ideas that stem from different experiences and backgrounds.

A New Version of Dubai Statistics Center Application

Ahmed Ali Al Dashti, Head of Information Technology and Central Statistical Systems Department, pointed out that a new version of DSC's smart application has been launched. This application includes different smart statistical services through one smart window to facilitate usage. The new version is characterized by expansion in the size and types of reports and statistical indices that user can reach directly through the application. One of the most prominent services that the application offers is the service of direct design of statistical reports and the possibility to select the requested report components and graphs from the complete database, through smart statistical software. The application also offers the service of Dubai statistical map, smart statistical library that offers historical series of books, starting with the oldest reports and statistical indices of Dubai. Al Dashti added that through DSC smart application the family's budget can be managed through Income and Expenses Service, which at the same time can be considered a smart process and service that can be used in surveying the expenses and income of families as an alternative to field visits to families interested in participating in the survey through the smart application. DSC smart application also offers a myriad of services such as the service of Dubai In Numbers, Dubai Main Indices, Smart Population Clock that enables you to find out the number of Dubai's population at the moment of checking the clock, or going back to a certain date to know the population number on that date. The application can also connect directly with the service employees at DSC for inquiries or asking for more services.

Smart Interactive Statistics

Al Dashti added that DSC, during its participation in Gitex 2015, will review and discuss a proposal for a completely new version of interactive statistics system, as part of the Smart Statistics system, which represents a quantum leap in smart statistical services that DSC offers to planners. The experience will be assessed, feedback from different users collected and hence approving the project in its final version and executing it. The system is distinguished by its smart statistical tools and solutions that are considered the most developed, which provide planners with analytical capabilities, a great ability to deal with databases directly, entering into in-depth details and making analysis that help in directing plans and measuring performances.

Updating Indices and Smart Statistical Map systems

Al Dashti pointed out that DSC will display the latest update of Indices system that is designed to provide statistical support to senior leadership and decision-makers, through data interactive, integrative screens that can directly read central statistical databases including different statistics as well as demographic, social and economic indices, in addition to the latest version of Smart Statistical Map that offers statistical data geographically.

Measuring Visitors' Satisfaction

Noura Al Hajji, Survey Manager, commented, "During Gitex we will measure the level of satisfaction of our visitors with statistical systems and services, as well as future services. We do this through an innovative method, where the participant indicates his satisfaction level through figures that reflect national identity, then take a selfie and write down his comments. The photo and the results are displayed live on a screen dedicated to this end all through the duration of the exhibition". Then she added, "The initiative received great popularity and distinct interaction amongst visitors".


DSC also displays its electronic services that are offered through the electronic website and the quality services and statistical support that it offers to different segments of stakeholders. DSC also displays its processes and detailed operative mechanisms in complete transparency, through an illustrative infographic that explains the different statistical processes and the mechanism of completing and processing data, compilation of statistical indices and publishing them.