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DSC Launches Higher Education Statistics System

Image: Arif Al Mehairi, Executive Director of DSC

Image: Arif Al Mehairi, Executive Director of DSC

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has launched Dubai Higher Education Statistics (DHES) system, as a new addition for the emirate’s smart statistics system. The system includes the necessary statistical databases and indicators of various demographic and social sectors of Dubai. DHES aims to support planning processes and to efficiently contribute to the processes of policy-making and decision-making in all development sectors, particularly the education sector, research and analysis.

DSC has revealed that DHES classifies the data on students attending Dubai universities and graduates of its higher education institutions, including the number of students and graduates as per certain variables such as nationality, major, degree obtained … etc.


Students Attending Dubai Higher Education Institutions

DHES data show that the total number of students enrolled in higher education institutions in Dubai during the 2017/2018 academic year was 55,820 students, of which 19,063 were Emirati and 36,757 were non-Emirati students.

As for the total number of students enrolled in Dubai universities and colleges in all majors and at different levels during the academic year 2017/2018, DHES shows that Emirati students represent more than one-third of the students by 34.2%. The non-Arab Asian students accounted for 36.2%, non-Gulf Arab students was 17.6% while the percentage of Gulf students stood at only 3.6% of the total students.

Additionally, the data revealed that Business Administration toped all other majors to be the most attractive major for both male and female students by 43.8% of total students attended in Dubai universities and colleges. The percentage of male students studying Business Administration is 47.4%, while female students’ percentage reached 39.7%.

Regarding the most attractive majors for female students, Media and Design majors are placed second by 11.5%. Humanities Sciences is ranked third by 11.1% of the total number of female students.

Data also shows that Engineering major is placed second as the most attractive majors for male students by 22.4% followed by IT major representing 8.8% of the total male students.


Dubai Higher Education Institutions Graduates

DHES shows that the total number of graduate students during the academic year of 2016/ 2017 was 13,646 students, of which 4,453 were Emirati students and 9,193 were non-Emirati graduates.

Business Administration major ranked first among most major by 6,587 graduates representing 48.3% of the total number of graduate students. Engineering major is placed second by 15.6% followed by Media and Design major 9.1%.

On the other hand, Emirati graduates represent 32.6% of the total number of students that is nearly one third of the graduates. The percentage of non-Arab Asian graduates stood at 37.0%, while Arab students accounted for 14.3%.



Arif Al Mehairi, Executive Director of DSC, availed the opportunity to express his sincerest appreciation and gratitude to the Ministry of Education and Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai for their continuous cooperation in developing the DHES system dedicated to provide statistics on Dubai higher education. “They are our strategic partners in this field due to its high importance in supporting the process of development planning and shaping the future of Dubai as a whole,” he said.

Al Mehairi emphasized that all Dubai’s higher education detailed results are accessible through various platforms DSC’s smart app, website or via DSC’s hotline to serve and provide everyone with any statistical reports, indicators and advise in various fields.