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DSC Employs Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Statistics

 Image: H.E. Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC

 Image: H.E. Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC

Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC) has started to draft a strategy for data science and artificial intelligence, in a bid to improve the way statistics and data are handled and analyzed, according to DSC Executive Officer, Arif Al Muhairi.

DSC will cope with hi-tech to apply necessary scientific statistical methodologies and data science to come up with predictive modelling and highly precise statistical reports and probe into phenomena appearing in all sectors.

He said a team specialized in data science has been formed, consisting of members qualified in the relevant disciplines, including statistics and technology.

He also said that the data science strategy will rely on DSC's innovation supportive policies that promote the use and development of technology by the team. By innovation, DSC looks for a unique contribution and added value, rather than a replicate of other practices or ready-to-use software and systems.


Al Muhairi said the artificial intelligence-based data analysis project has passed through several pilots before actual implementation. Those systems were tested in light of the statistic survey databases, including the Manpower Survey. Practical criteria were developed to assess the outcomes, which proved to be positive. This will help in developing statistical work, as it surveys the needs of the labor market and match those needs with the educational outputs, social status and other such indicators. Other experiments relate to the study and exploration of such phenomena related to household income and expenses based on the databases of a series of relevant surveys.

He said the projects and practices have been application since 2018, in partnership with Muhamad bin Rashid for Housing Institution. A project, in that context, was implemented based on the data science and futuristic modeling artificial intelligence. The project addressees the various categories of housing services for the next five years in Dubai. Other projects are on the road in partnership with a number of public agencies.


According to him, the data science initiative comes as a part of the smart statistical system. It allows for the uses of scientific and statistical approaches and techniques in terms of processing, compiling and assembling a variety of databases through the use of several software and algorithms. It tests the accuracy and practicability of the derived data groups in order to use them for the achievements of the goals of each study per the statistical standards. The goal is to create prediction modellings based on the various resources.

DSC used the DM/CRISP approach, a leading technique in the field. It also used Python,R software, an open source that tops statistical programs in efficiency.

On the areas where data have been analyzed through artificial intelligence, Al Muhairi said there are several sectors in social, economic and demographic statistics, as well as in operational work supportive statistics with some public institutions. The aim is to achieve a leap in performance and anticipated outcomes.


According to Al Muhairi, DSC's practices proved the feasibility of using modern techniques, methods and tools offered by data science and artificial intelligence. For that reason, DSC formed task forces to put in place plans for transformation and apply them in harmony with the best technical standards of official statistics. Needless to say, adopting any new approach must pass quality assurance tests, because "the quality of the outputs is a red line and it tops our priorities", Al Muhairi said.

Accordingly, the DSC's strategy will adopt the mechanisms of data sciences and artificial intelligence in all sectors, including all optical surveys and databases. One important feature of these techniques is the ability to make a precise prediction about new phenomena and trends, the knowledge of which will inform a good decision.

Keeping pace

Al Muhairi said the eight principles declared by His Highness Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Governor of Dubai, boil down to such sublime values of institutions that will govern all fields of DSC's work. We will be keen to have the eight principles instilled as a culture for the DSC's teams.

Statistical Support

The Fiftieth Document, Arif Al Muhairi said, will be at the top of DSC's strategic priorities. We will provide a quality statistical support to all relevant authorities. We will also be a strategy partners in all document relevant initiative, since planning for the realization of such large-scale goals requires a significant statistical and information support.