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Dubai Statistics Center.. Leadership in Jobs Happiness

​Image : DSC Team Celebrates Winning the Award for the Fifth Time in a Row

​Image : DSC Team Celebrates Winning the Award for the Fifth Time in a Row

Celebration of Winning Dubai Government Excellence Program Award

Dubai Statistics Center.. Leadership in Jobs Happiness


DSC Team Celebrates Winning the Award for the Fifth Time in a Row

DSC celebrated its winning for the fifth time in a row in the category of achieving the best results in job happiness - as part of the awards of Dubai Government Excellence Program - with a record rate of 97.1%, which is equal to the highest global rates of job happiness and satisfaction.

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, DSC Executive Director, stated that DSC is running the work environment following a specific philosophy. "Despite applying the latest standards and approaches concerning managing human resources, we are keen to have our own imprint and add standards that are superior to the ordinary ones. We focus specifically on the social factors of the employee and on maintaining outstanding vertical and horizontal relationships between the team members. What distinguishes our work environment is working in a team spirit, a culture that we aim to consolidate, so as to be part of the values held by all.


 "one of the most important factors of jobs happiness is the corporate's ability to gain an employee's loyalty; so we gave this matter utmost priority and we pointed out the pacts and approaches that help us achieve a high level of job loyalty for our employees. We assess KPIs of employees' job loyalty and follow them up regularly to take the necessary action towards enhancing this aspect", he added

"DSC is taking steady strides in all corporate areas and is achieving significant outcomes. In addition to winning first place in the employee happiness category, it won third place in the category of Outstanding Government Entities "Medium Entities Category", which witnesses a competition between a large number of old, distinctive departments, organizations and entities of great capabilities. It also came in third place on the level of the Government of Dubai in achieving the best results as regards improvement, which shows the great efforts exerted by DSC team in corporate development processes, in addition to the outstanding achievements that DSC accomplished during last year on the local, regional and global levels, as it won 11 prominent awards in a number of areas, such as smart transformation, human resources management, leadership innovation and it scored some record numbers in these awards.


 "the honoring we receive each year in Dubai Government Excellence Program Awards from the owner of excellence and its foremost and direct supporter, HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, is a strong motivation for us and for our work team, for it gives the work environment limitless positive energy, which enhances good performance and realizes these outcomes in job happiness. We continuously work on beginning where others left off, so that we benefit from their experiences and successes, but we do not copy them. We always add our touch to any experience we make use of. On the other hand, I honestly say that our policy concerning knowledge transfer stems from the value of transparency, which is one of our adamant corporate values, as we keep nothing to ourselves, since our experience and the efforts we exert are an open book for all to see and we share with all, whether through conferences, seminars, or through receiving work teams from different entities and disclosing to them the details of our experience and the learned negative and positive lessons. We lay all our approaches and processes in their hands without any reservation, and we seek to benefit from their experiences and innovations" continued Al Muhairi.


Tarek Al Janahi, DSC Deputy Executive Director, said that what reflects the continuous development of DSC is the positive pattern of results and indicators that DSC is achieving, for in every edition of the Program, DSC shows a significant development than the edition before. For instance, in the employee happiness category, DSC realized a substantial development and distinctive improvement in performance and happiness levels year after year. In its first participation in this category, DSC came in second place on the level of the Government of Dubai at the rate of 81.3% in 2011, so it became determined to be "number one" in the following edition.

"With the help of God we managed to win first place and achieved a satisfaction rate of 84.6%. From that time on, we held to the first place up till now, as the rate increased to 86.4% in 2013 and in 2014 we exceeded 90%, as DSC achieved a job satisfaction rate of 93.2%. In 2015 the Dubai Government Excellence Program turned from satisfaction to happiness, as per the directions of HRH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai, may God protect him. The positive results went on, as we achieved 93.6%, hence DSC work team calling themselves "The Happiest Work Team". Here we are jumping to a record happiness rate this year of 97.1%. This is a great achievement, not only for DSC but for the Government of Dubai, as we are one of the arms of this prominent government system and we will exert the utmost efforts and invest in creativity and innovation to enhance our performance in job happiness and in the different areas of work, as well as corporate excellence and creativity", added Al Janahi.


DSC employees who call themselves "The Happiest Work Team" celebrated this achievement under the slogan "Fifth". The employees had a prominent presence in the celebration hall, as they held banners bearing No. 5 on them, in addition to their shouts and cheering during the honoring ceremony, reflecting their happiness with the winning of their team and their loyalty to their jobs.