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Arif Al Muhairi: Initiating Actual Implementation of Aerial Statistics and Data Science

Image: Arif Almuhairi, Executive Director of DSC

Image: Arif Al Mehairi, Executive Director of DSC

Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), revealed that DSC has already put into action the project of aerial statistics, data Science and artificial intelligence as part of DSC's Statistical Plan 2021.

Al Muhairi stated: "DSC is taking part in the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition 2018 by introducing weighty initiatives and projects that include data science and artificial intelligence which is used by DSC along with advanced software in the processes of detailed analysis of data, creating statistical forecasts and future shaping of various sectors." To fulfill this purpose, he underscored the fact that a specialized team in data science that include experts in technical and statistical aspects has already been formed.

"The Data Science Project is based on several sources of data, including statistical databases of various sectors which hinge on data available in records of government institutions, databases of surveys and non-traditional sources which fall back on internet of things and extrapolation of data from the web," added he.

DSC is scheduled also to introduce its pilot project named "Air Statistician" which aims to conduct field statistical surveys targeting hard-to-reach areas, such as desert areas. In its first phase planned to be realized this year, the project is meant to survey buildings, residential units, traffic and livestock.

Al Muhairi pointed out that DSC will develop this project in accordance with a phased-plan, in addition to conducting researches, concluding partnerships to develop the "Aerial Statistics Project and covering sectors and various statistical aspects, particularly in the demographic and population movement fields.



"DSC is also introducing mechanisms of organizing the surveys activities, verifying the identity of researchers working for non-governmental organizations and conducting such surveys and verifying the legality of these studies through a smart mechanism designed by DSC," added Al Muhairi. He pointed out that the authorized researchers hold a card with "Quick Response Code" that could be scanned by smart phones to validate the authenticity of the card.

Al Muhair also indicated: "DSC has already added to its website certain new electronic services, most importantly enabling the user to deal with databases and devlop their statistical reports according to their requirements and the details they desire to access."

Through its participation in the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition 2018, DSC will showcase its smart services via DSC smart application offered to all members of the society and business community, in addition to government smart services, most notably are the smart statistics system which include different channels to provide data targeting various categories of planners and decision makers.



On Smart Statistics System, Al Muhairi pointed out that DSC has launched an enhanced version of the statistical map which includes tracking and monitoring researchers and field workers and issuing statistical reports. "The map provides a population database of households, houses and buildings according to the geographic distribution in Dubai. A customized map is developed for each governmental entity based on its own requirements," he stressed.

"Furthermore, developed version of Statistical Sources System has been launched. This new version enjoys numerous advantages, including: handling of detailed data, adding matching databases to the system data with the aim of collecting data from local and federal sectors, schools, clinics and the private medical sector where such data are verified by its source, in addition to DSC's approval to display data on the Smart Statistics System to support decision makers to obtain the required indicators," said he.

Worthening, DSC will showcase a new community service dedicated to raise awareness of UAE younger generation, namely "Fun of Statistics with Statistician Omar" which is DSC's cartoon character. This service includes organizing society education activities for the younger generation in cooperation with school administrations, festivals and events targeting children.



Arif Al Muhairi called upon all establishments operating in Dubai in the field of surveys to regularize their status and add the survey activity in their commercial licenses to avoid and further legal actions and fines that are taken against the violating establishments.