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Al Janahi: Heroes hand over the flag to Heroes

​Image : The deputy executive director in DSC Tariq Al Jahani

​Image : The deputy executive director in DSC Tariq Al Jahani

The Deputy Executive Director in DSC Tariq Al Janahi said: Yemen is now in the good hands of Zayed sons. The men of our Armed Forces were and still the strongest backbone for our brothers in Yemen in their distress and the worst crises they ever faced. For those lions who wrote their names in the books of honors, chivalry and manhood, with footprints that can be traced in the finest battlefields. Now they are handing over the flag to the lions who were waiting for the green light to make their move, to compliment the road to championships and victories until the last inch of the Yemeni land is liberated out of the hands of forces of evil and wrong.

And he added that, our eagles in the sky and lions in the wild and the descendants of the lion of the sea; "Ibn Majid", offered things will not be forgotten and will always be a source of pride for all generations. Yemen sky, seas, lands, valleys, mountains, strait, islands, ports and airports will never forget the victories accomplished by Zayed sons. So, let us pay those heroes all the due respect they deserve and let us cherish and take pride of their victories