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Inaugurating “Air Statistician” Trials in Dubai Using Drones

Image: Arif Al Mehairi, Executive Director of DSC

Image: Arif Al Mehairi, Executive Director of DSC

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has initiated pilot-roll outs of the wholly new "Air Statistician" Project employing UAV technology and integrating it with the latest artificial intelligence technologies, besides renovating the statistical work via expansion and innovation in this field with sights set at achieving paradigm shifts.


Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, DSC Executive Director, stated in an interview with "Al Bayan": "This step is one of the most innovative strategic programs listed in DSC's strategic "Statistical Plan 2021". He underlined: "During the last period, we were scrutinizing the state-of-the-art technologies implemented in this field worldwide. We have already concluded a study on the added value of this project and its impact on developing the statistical work. Indeed, it was found that there are numerous positive aspects of the project that we could count on and invest in to renovate the statistical work via leveraging the efficiency of the field work in terms of: data quality and novelty, reducing costs, significantly reducing the respondents' burdens." He went on to say: "This new project of "Air Statistician" would be used to constantly update GIS maps and provide updated 3-D maps, the matter that would boost the efficiency of field operations while conducting statistical surveys."


Al Muhairi further explained: "The "Air Statistician" Project will be implemented based on a phased plan. The first phase planned to be inaugurated this current year will include conducting field surveys of buildings and housing units, as well as hard to reach areas and statistical units in desert areas. It will also include updating the 3D GIS maps."

"Moreover, the plan of this project includes the provision of quality statistical services to partners in other government bodies. Unquestionably, supporting the Dubai Strategic Plan is always has the priority in all DSC's projects, in addition to supporting this project with artificial intelligence technologies," added he.


Al Muhairi underscored: "DSC has opened partnership channels with the competent government bodies and famed and innovative companies in the private sector to promote investment in this field for the positive and great implications for the development of statistical work. All of this is stemmed from the vision of DSC which entails that statistics should be a supporting source of happiness and sustainable development.

He signed off by announcing that the "Air Statistician" Project will be launched at Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition stressing that "Visitors could stopover at DSC's platform to be introduced closely on this project and absolutely all suggestions and remarks of partners and community members will be always of a priority for DSC."