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2091 Masjids in Dubai with a capacity facilitating Up To 624,000 worshiper

Image: DSC logo

Image: DSC logo

Muaid Salami, Social Statistics Section Manager at Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), has unveiled that the total capacity of masjids and musallas located in Dubai has reached approximately a capacity facilitating 624,000 worshiper by end of 2017 according to data issued by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD). "The total number of masjids and musallas in Dubai reached 2091 in 2017 excluding Eid Musallas. They are divided into two categories, masjids that host Friday prayer representing 32% of all Dubai's masjids and masjids that host only regular prayers which represent 68% out of the total number of masjids and musallas in Dubai," he said. He highlighted "The average annual growth of masjids during 2012- 2017 was 8.2%."


"Indeed, this continuous growth in the number of masjids and the notable development in the quality of their construction corresponds to the world-class standards of construction. This reflects IACAD's keenness to actually realize the Government's vision and policies, which aim at promoting our Islamic heritage, highlighting its Islamic identity and making masjids available in various residential, commercial, industrial and tourism areas," said Muaid. He added: "Additionally, IACAD strives to appoint qualified and competent Imams and Khatibs to operate all these masjids."


As for masjids' capacity, Salami stated that the number of masjids that facilitate the capacity of 100 to 599 worshiper is 1567 masjids representing 74.9% of the total masjids and Musallas in Dubai. Meanwhile, the number of masjids with a capacity of 600 to 1000 worshiper is 390 masjids, that is 18.7% of the total number of masjids and masjids with a capacity of more than 1000 worshiper are 134 ones representing 6.4% of the total number of masjids and musallas in Dubai.

On the other hand, IACAD also supervises 8 Eid Musallas that are distributed throughout the emirate of Dubai in the following areas: Nad Al Hamar, Umm Suqaim First, Al-Aweer Two, Al-Baraha, Hatta, Al-Lesaily, Al Barshaa Two, and Al Mankhool. The capacity of these Eid Musallas accommodate more than 277,000 worshipers.