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1.2 Million People are Attracted to Dubai During Peak Hours

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

A statistical report issued by Dubai Statics Center showed that the size of population usually residing in the Emirate of Dubai is estimated by 3,355,900 individuals at the end of 2019, of whom 2,331,800 are males and 1,024,100 are females with rates of 69.48% and 30.52% respectively of the total population.

The estimated number of active individuals during "the usual" peak hours in Dubai are 4,551,900 individuals, i.e., an increase of 196,000 individuals than those usually residing in the Emirate.

The increasing movement of people during peak hours is attributed to two main reasons:

  •  Dubai is a commercial and tourist city that attracts residents of neighboring emirates, whether for shopping, tourism or management of their own businesses or work for others.
  •  The cheaper accommodation rates in neighboring emirates which lead public and private sectors employees in Dubai to inhabit in these neighboring emirates.