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In Week 3 of Ramadan: Meat and Dairy Prices are Stable While Fruits, Vegetables and Fish Stand at A Rise

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

As part of its weekly reports on prices during the holy month of Ramadan, the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) issued a new report showing that the prices of meat, dairy products, egg, rice, cereals and bakery products remained stable over the three weeks of Ramadan. Quite the opposite, prices of other food stuff witnessed varying upturns in the third week but at a slower pace compared to the first two weeks. The prices of fish and seafood stood at a rise by 3.73% in the third week of Ramadan compared to the second week as prices of fish significantly went up by 6.26%, and prices of seafood slightly increased by 0.53%. As for fruit prices, they increased by 1.37% compared to the second week of Ramadan by reason of rise in the price of certain types of fruits, such as: apple, grape, apricot, guava, strawberry and coconut. In the same context, the prices of vegetables remained stable compared to the second week of Ramadan and they went up only by  0.05% due to the higher prices of certain vegetables, including: onion, peas, lettuce, garlic, carrot and chili.