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DSC: 2,098 Masjids in Dubai with a Capacity of 640 Thousand Worshippers

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

Stood at a rise by 2% compared to statistics of 2017, the total capacity of masjids and musallas located in Dubai has reached 636,297 worshipers by end of 2018 according to data issued by Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD), Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) reported.


The recent report of DSC revealed that the total number of masjids and musallas in Dubai reached 2,098 in 2018 excluding Eid Musallas. They are divided into two categories, masjids that host Friday prayer representing 32% of all Dubai's masjids and masjids that host only regular prayers which represent 68% out of the total number of masjids and musallas in Dubai. The recent statistics show that the total number of masjids has increased by 7 masjids during 2018 compared to the past year.

As for the distribution of masjids by founders, masjids established by individuals were 773 representing 36.8% of the total number of masjids in Dubai. The total number of masjids established by IACAD was 684 representing 32.6% of the total number of masjids and musallas in Dubai. Meanwhile, masjids established by the government departments were 579 accounting for 27.6%, and the remaining 62 masjids representing 3% of the total number of masjids in Dubai were established by other entities, such as clubs and communities. These numbers and percentages give a clear indication on the interest of individual and government entities to build masjids and worshiping spaces reflecting the keenness and commitment of the UAE community to its religious and cultural heritage and their willingness to build masjids all over the blessed lands of UAE.


Concerning the distribution of masjids by location, the total number of masjids in Deira areas is 1,089, Bur Dubai 839 ones and Reef Dubai areas are 170 masjids.


As for masjids' capacity, DSC’s report shows that the number of masjids that facilitate the capacity of 200 and below worshipers is 1,248 masjids representing 59.5% of the total masjids and Musallas in Dubai. Meanwhile, the number of masjids with a capacity of 201 to 400 worshipers is 314 masjids, that is 14.9% of the total number of masjids. Masjids with a capacity of 401 up to 600 worshipers are 207 representing 9.9% of the total number of masjids. Meanwhile, masjids of other categories that accommodate more than 600 worshipers are 329 accounting for 15.7% of Dubai’s masjids.


The number of IACAD staff employed at Dubai’s masjids witnessed an increase by 25% since 2015 with a total number of 920 individuals working as Imams, preachers, muezzins “reciting prayers” and lecturers. The distribution of IACAD staff is 475 Imams and preachers, 404 muezzins and 41 lecturers.